Your union education benefit offers you and your family access to high-quality educational opportunities. 

To get started, complete the form on this page. You’ll then be matched to one of the accredited higher education institutions in our Network. 

After the match, you’ll hear from an admissions counselor who is employed by the college or university you have been matched to. The admissions counselor will guide you through the admissions process, discuss your career goals and program options, and answer any questions you may have.

How it Works

Step 1

Complete the Request Your Match form

Fill out the "Request Your Match" form provided by the EDUTrust Network. Submit your information through the form to initiate the process.

Step 2 

Check your email for your college match details

After submitting the form, check your email regularly. You will receive an email containing all the necessary information regarding your college match. This email will provide details about the EDUTrust Network college or university that closely aligns with your program of interest, college experience, and goals.

Step 3

Connect with an admissions counselor

Once you are matched with a college or university, an admissions counselor will reach out to you directly. They will contact you by phone to discuss the next steps. The admissions counselor will provide comprehensive program details, assist you in calculating out-of-pocket costs, and offer support throughout the entire admission process.


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